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In today's world horse knowledge isn't being passed down like it used to and the modern horsemen need a reliable source of knowledge, and other horsemen to turn to. On top of all the great content available on The Horses Advocate, I have put together a special community filled with passionate horsemen just like you where we can share our thoughts and I can spend more direct time answering your questions.

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Network with other advocates who are driven to share their experiences and learn from other compassionate horse owners. The Horse’s Advocate Premium Community is a place where horse owners like you can turn to find reliable, reasonable and fact driven information. All of this in a safe environment where the thoughts and questions are valued. Advocates believe in providing care for their horses with compassion and conviction. As a member of our exclusive community you will be able to interact with Geoff Tucker, DVM through the community board

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Live events with Dr. Geoff Tucker.

The Rounds with Doc T - Presentations on topics effecting Horsemen such as:

  • February – “Aerobic Exercise And Its Role In Insulin Resistance“
  • March – “EOTRH – The Disease Affecting The Incisor Teeth Of Horses“
  • April – “The Ins And Outs Of Fat“
  • May – “Fat And Physics – The Two Causes Of Soft Tissue Injury In Horses“
  • June – “50 Shades Of Red And Black – Just How Do Horses Get Their Chestnut, Paint or Bay Coat?“
  • July – “Trailering Horses – On The Road Again“
  • August – “Horse Fencing, Gates, Maintenance And Safety“
  • September– “Weaning And Feeding Growing Horses“
  • October – “Preparing Your Horses And Your Farm For Winter Cold Or Summer Heat”
  • November – “A Deep Dive Into Equine Dentistry“
  • December – “The Skin Of Horses“

The Horse's Advocate University

Premium members also enjoy the benefit of full access to The Horse’s Advocate University which is our collection of courses dedicated to ensure that every horse owner is well informed in an age where it is easy to find confusion. Doc T makes it easy for any horse owner to learn on their own time with digital courses packed with detailed pictures, videos and comprehensive material. These are complete courses that are segmented into modules with quizzes so that each member will be able to validate their knowledge. Each course is valued at $47, normally sold on their own, but is included with your membership as well as all the new courses that will be added to The Horse’s Advocate University.

Advocate Library

The Horse’s Advocate Premium Members will enjoy the added bonus of having Dr. Tucker’s full collection of books in digital form (PDF) available to download and read. These books are full of educational and entertaining stories that his clients have enjoyed over the years.

Here is what some Enthusiastic The Horse's Advocate Members are saying:

You only have two choices to make – but only one makes sense.

You can keep going about your day to day running of your farm in isolation, relying on hit-or-miss guesses and hearsay


You can shortcut years of trial and error by choosing the proven knowledge and experience of Geoff Tucker, DVM that successful and like minded Horse’s Advocate Premium Members have already implemented. Why stress out trying to reinvent the wheel? Doc T has a much better way of educating horsemen, he can assure you!

Now is the time to discover The Horse’s Advocate Premium Community. Join us today! Really it’s that easy.

There are hundreds of ideas that Premium Members will learn and share with each other giving you the opportunity to save time and money on your farm while Helping Your horses Thrive In A Human World!

Thank you for spending some time here today – Geoff Tucker, DVM.